• Sascha Friedrich / Germany
    "The experience of finding a flat in Barcelona could not have been simpler thanks to the know how of Avenir. I appreciated their professionalism and flexibility during the entire process and especially during the final stages of signing the agreements".

  • Aurelie Glorieux / France
    "The team at Avenir quickly understood our needs and the style we were looking for in our new company headquarters here in Barcelona. They were also especially helpful in expediting the negotiation process".

  • Merce Boronat / Spain
    "Avenir has managed my properties since 2005. I have had a very positive experience with their team and I am very pleased with their professional and personal approach".

  • Esther GimĂ©nez / Spain
    "We take the best decition trusting in Montse from Avenir's team for the sale of our house in Barcelona. We have received a complet and very professional and innovative service, overall regarding the price fixing, marketing strategy and sale's tools".

  • Beth de Avila / United States
    "After living in Barcelona for two years, I can't think of a better place in Europe. I relocated from the UK and have fallen in love with the city and all it has to offer. The combination of the climate, the proximity to the sea and mountains, the rich culture and the overall quality of life makes this city a top choice. Whether relocating to or investing in Barcelona, I would recommend working with the team at Avenir".

  • Carme SolĂ© / Spain
    "Daniel at Avenir helped me find my perfect property. Extremely helpful, professional and accomodating. I wouldnt hesitate in recommending them if you are searching for a home in Barcelona"